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The overall objective of the Biorenewables Business Platform (BBP) is to encourage the sustainable transition towards a Biobased Economy in the Netherlands, where the replacement of fossil fuels and the creation and utilisation of opportunities for Dutch businesses go hand in hand.

The ultimate aim is to replace at least 30 per cent of the need for fossils with green materials by 2050. To achieve this, the platform is focusing on the following key steps:

  1. Identify and drive biobased business initiatives with added value for the Dutch economy;
  2. Create the correct frameworks for these biobased business initiatives by:
  • Promoting structural changes in agriculture, industry and energy;
  • Promoting cooperation between the various sectors;
  • Feeding back signals about regulatory or import barriers from business to government.

The strategic Biobased Economy agenda as drawn up by the government’s BBE programme is the leading guideline. The platform operates in conjunction with other parts of the programme such as the Transition House. In addition, the High Level Group of the BBE programme will serve as an assessment framework for the Platform and the Transition House. New initiatives for business cases or recommendations for the required conditions to facilitate these business cases will be submitted to or initiated by this group.


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