Circo Workshop: Making profit with circular innovation in chemistry

The circular economy is an intangible concept for many companies. The attention paid to it is growing, but it does not yet provide an answer as to what circularity can yield for specific companies.


ChemistryNL will change that for ambitious companies in the chemical sector.


Two CIRCO workshops are organized in September. After these workshops you will have a clear picture of circularity and of the approach to turn loss of value in your organization into a business case. We will also present resources and arrangements to support you in the implementation of circular innovations.


The CIRCO Workshop in short:

What: a practical workshop for entrepreneurs in chemistry about opportunities with circularity by converting loss of value into a positive business case

When: Friday September 11th and Friday September 25th, 2020. Please sign up via this link.

Where: online via a Zoom conference

By: An experienced workshop supervisor from CIRCO

Programme:  available end of August


If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to
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