SynBio Markets

Commercial and sustainability challenges Synthetic Biology Solutions

Passenger Terminal Amsterdam, 2-4 November 2020

The dedicated market facing global event for the synbio sector

Building on the successful launch event in 2019, SynBio Markets 2020 will once again connect synthetic biology investors, academics and innovators to commercial end market customers across a variety of sectors. Focusing on investment and the commercial models essential to success, learn from industry leaders detailing what their technology has delivered and how they developed it, along with a unique insight into the challenges they have overcome and future opportunities they are focused on.

Key themes for 2020

This year’s event has a renewed focus on end-user applications, with a number of brands speaking and attending to learn and showcase how synthetic biology can create and support, new and better products.
But beyond profit, in year beset with challenges we are going to highlight how synbio can help mitigate some of the effects of climate change, and bring smarter medical support and testing to the public more quickly.


Showcasing the most innovative synthetic biology start-ups

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