Cyanide removal for synthesis gases

Projecttitel: Cyanide removal for synthesis gases
Projectnummer: BBE-1805
Looptijd: 2018 – 2020
Budget publiek: € 125.000
Budget privaat: € 125.000
Projectleider: Sander Grootjes
Betrokken partijen: Dahlman Renewable Technology, ECN, Synova, TNO

The project focuses on the removal of H2S and HCN from the product gas from gasification of biomass and waste residues, while limiting the consumption of chemicals in gas cleaning and reducing the amount of waste water from the gas cleaning. Due to the differences between this product gas and the more conventional synthesis gases in refineries or biogas/landfill gas, this removal of H2S and HCN is more complicated due to the different ratios of the components in the gas as well as the presence of several other components not present in synthesis gases or biogas/landfill gas.