Projecttitel: EC2Fuels
Projectnummer: BBE-1705
Looptijd: 2017-2020
Budget publiek: € 75.000
Budget privaat: € 13.000
Projectleider: Guido Mol
Betrokken partijen: BTG, Universiteit Twente

EC2Fuels will investigate the feasibility of sustainable, electrocatalytic upgrading of pyrolysis oil, such that this can be treated without difficulty in existing catalytic reactors for upgrading to gasoline and diesel-type fuels (middle distillates). Reactions include anodic decarboxylation of acids and C-C-bond formation with concomitant evolution of CO2 (electrochemical Kolbe reaction), and cathodic, H+ and e induced, deoxygenation of ketones to hydrocarbons. Research activities focus on catalyst development (both for anode and cathode), and integration thereof in redox flow cells by constructing a catalyst-electrode-membrane-assembly (CEA). Mild operating conditions and modest scales can be deployed, while allowing a flexible and easy integration with renewable electricity.