ENECO Bio-Diet Diversification

Projecttitel: ENECO Bio-Diet Diversification
Projectnummer: BBE 1903
Looptijd: 2020 – 2021
Budget publiek: € 84.200
Budget privaat: € 84.200
Projectleider: Mariusz Cieplik
Betrokken partijen: TNO, ENECO, TORWASH B.V. (i.o.)

ENECO is a Dutch Power Company and owns and operates a number of biomass-fired district heating and CHP units in the Netherlands. These are fluidized-bed (BGR unit in Delfzijl) and grate-fired boilers (Utrecht district heating, UW). ENECO also wants to pursue the construction and exploitation of high-temperature industrial steam boilers, based on pulverized-fuel technology. Currently, the fuels used are limited to design fuels of the specific sites, i.e. ranging from park maintenance/shreds to demolition wood. The market for these fuels is becoming constraint, driving the price. Also, sustainability of these fuels is under scrutiny and public opinion pressure. Hence, the wish exists to mobilize more affordable and at the same time more sustainable fuels. These could include for instance Municipal or Industrial Sewage Sludge (MSS) and Road Shoulder Grass (RSG). Such feedstock materials are readily available in the Netherlands and can be utilized in the thermal units, in view of the specific site permits. Within this project ENECO, ECN.TNO and TORWASH BV will jointly investigate the feasibility of the application of such alternative fuels in the current and the future fleet and fuel portfolio. This shall be done by testing the performance of the fuels under specific conditions of various biomass-fired thermal assets of ENECO at ECN.TNO. Subsequently the technical results from the experimental study will be implemented by ENECO and TORWASH BV for techno-economic evaluations of the feasibility of the proposed solutions.