Novel applications for biobased polybutylene succinate

Projecttitel: Novel applications for biobased polybutylene succinate
Projectnummer: BPM2-1510
Penvoerder: Wageningen University & Research

This project aims at developing injection moulding grades and compounds based on BioBased PolyButylene Succinate (PBS), with advanced features as compared to currently available grades and compounds, targeting application in durable applications like re-usable trays (for agriculture) and luxury packaging applications with high technical demands.

Specific research topics are durability, appearance, dimensional stability and processing behaviour (flow). Like all plastics the ultimate properties are determined by the specific grades and additives used, and the development of compounds. Using additives that prevent hydrolysis, both the stability during processing and the durability can be improved. Using nucleating agents the crystallisation behaviour can be optimised towards more transparent materials. Mechanical properties can be adjusted using fillers, fibres or blends (with for example PLA).