Opbrengstverhoging aardappel

Projecttitel: Opbrengstverhoging aardappel door veredeling op fotosynthese en stress
Projectnummer: BBE-1401
Looptijd: 2014 -2016
Budget publiek: € 215.000
Budget privaat: € 215.000
Projectleider: Jeremy Harbinson
Betrokken partijen: Solynta, Wageningen University & Research

A consortium of Solynta and Wageningen UR will determine the genetic variation in photosynthetic light use efficiency in potato seedlings and identify Quantitative Trait Loci (QTLs) controlling this variation under optimal and abiotic stress conditions (cold, salinity, nutrient deficiency). Such QTLs will subsequently be evaluated for their effect on potato yield. The ultimate goal of the project is to develop a set of molecular markers that can be applied in genomics assisted breeding to develop novel robust potato varieties with an increased yield performance under field conditions. The increased knowledge gained on the further understanding of the relation between photosynthesis efficiency and yield will be instructive for the improvement of other vegetative field crops with importance for the biobased economy, like sugar beet or Miscanthus.