Projecttitel: BIORECEPY
Projectnummer: BBE-2005/LWV20.268
Looptijd: 2021 – 2022
Budget publiek: € 93.000
Budget privaat: € 93.000
Projectleider: Ilona van Zandvoort
Betrokken partijen: TNO, Apollo Tyres Global R&D, Progression Industry, Hexion, ENERPY

BIORECEPY is a 24 month project and is expected to start in January 2021 and to end in December 2022. The research will be divided in work packages (WP) to combine related tasks and monitor progress with traceable deliverables.

WP1. A relatively pure lignin from an industrial 2G biomass biorefinery will be supplied by Progression Industry. Pure lignins tend to melt and -generally- cannot be directly fed using conventional (screw) feeding systems. Therefore, for the TNO pyrolysis setup, the lignin will be extruded with clay according to an in-house proprietary protocol to allow for better feeding and conversion of the lignin. Walnut shells are well-defined and require no to little pre-treatment.

WP2. TNO and ENERPY will convert lignin and walnut shells using their respective thermochemical technologies combined with fractional condensation of the bio-oil. Sufficient amounts of the fractions will be produced for industrial application trials.

WP3. Apollo Tyres Global R&D will test replacement of specific high-value chemicals and mineral oils in rubber compounds by selected bio-oil fractions and the effect on rubber quality.

WP4. Hexion will test replacement of phenolics for a new line of bio-based epoxy resins by specific bio-oil fractions and assess their suitability for the production of composites.

WP5. Progression Industry will perform miscibility and fuel performance test to assess the heavy fractions of bio-oil as sulfur-free additive for heavy fuel oil.

WP6. A basic feasibility analysis will be performed as an early assessment of the economic and environmental impact of bio-oil for chemicals and fuels