Development of innovative sustainable covering materials for roofing

Projecttitel: Development of innovative sustainable covering materials for roofing
Projectnummer: BPM2-1502
Penvoerder: Wageningen University & Research

Bituminous roofing membranes are high performance, durable products with a long lifetime, but uses fossil oil derived bitumen, polymers, additives, and reinforcement materials.

Given the expected shortage and unfavorable CO2 profile of these materials there is sufficient reason to look for alternative raw materials for roofing application, while maintaining the required technical and functional characteristics. The overall aim of this project is to develop towards a 100% bio-based roofing membrane as an alternative to existing bituminous roofing systems. Additionally, the biobased roofing material should result in a perspective on reduction of the cost and environmental impact. The main technical hurdle for that has been that biomass sources are generally hydrophilic (and thus less water resistant) and more reactive than fossil bitumen. Therefore, research will be focused on achieving the correct compatibility between the blend components by using formulation and chemical conversion technology, while making use of production and application methods as currently used for the conventional bituminous roofing materials.