Modular and flexible production

Projecttitel: Modular and flexible production
Projectnummer: BBE-1503
Looptijd: 2016 – 2017
Budget publiek: € 193.000
Budget privaat: € 98.000
Projectleider: Hugo Gelevert
Betrokken partijen: Britest, Clariant, Huntsman Polyurethans, Tebodin, TNO, Zeton

Modular flexible production is seen as an opportunity to strengthen the position of the EU chemical industry. From a previous study done by TNO and several industry partners, the major drivers and barriers for the chemical industry to implement flexible and modular plants were identified. The industry indicates that, while there are many technical developments in the field of modular and flexible process technology, there is no real insight in the potential of novel business models.

This project envisages to develop a generalized model that supports companies in obtaining the desired insight. This generalized model will contain the following elements: several business model archetypes, a method for business case analysis, a real option model that provides insight in the value of phasing the investments in flexible production, a business-technology assessment framework and a roadmap towards implementation for the sector. Developing such a model is not a straightforward exercise, because of the newness of the matter and the many factors that play a role in decision making. As a means to develop and validate the envisaged model, this project therefore considers two industry case studies for which concrete business models and business cases will be developed on flexible and modular production.